4. A Conversation with Lissie – Our Podcast Singer!

Meet Lissie today – international singer/songwriter who happens to be the artist who graces our podcast every week with her song “Wild Wild West”.  She’s an award winning and critically acclaimed musician who has over a quarter of a billion streams.  NPR has called her “a quintessential California songwriter who is really from the midwest”.  Her new album will debut this summer.

We love Lissie’s wild spirit that comes out during this conversation. We talk about her first performance as Annie in community theatre (she did 82 performances), challenges in high school as she found her voice, playing gigs in Colorado that led her to LA and eventually getting signed with a record label.  After spending over a decade in CA creating a body of work, she felt called back to the hills of Iowa where she now lives on her own farm!

You can learn more about lissie at http://www.lissie.com, and she can be found at Instagram @lissiemusic.  Watch for her new album coming out soon.