6. A Life of Wild Creativity & Vibrancy with Rebecca Sanabria

We spend a joy filled hour with lots of laughter exploring the topics of creativity, beauty, art, and life.

Rebecca is a professional photographer whose work has graced the cover of People magazine, Fortune, LA Times, and Variety. She also took the beautiful photos on our Tend Her Wild website.

We discuss her unique journey of Cuban roots to Belgium to Dallas to LA to Iowa!

Our discussion takes many organic twists and turns including acting careers, voice overs, Barbie, famous photo shoots, Ragbrai, balancing work & family, and Lemon Perfect water.

Her love of art, beauty, and capturing the essence of people and food define this lovely, wild woman.

Rebecca’s website: www.rebeccasanabria.com

Rebecca’s Instagram: @howrebeccaseesit

These are some of the current product favorites Rebecca shares: