12. Dr. Andrea Wieland: If You Aren’t Failing, You Aren’t Striving

Dr. Andrea Wieland: If You Aren’t Failing, You Aren’t Striving

  • Growing up in an achievement oriented family and how this shaped her life.
  • How reading the classic book “The Inner Game of Tennis” was pivotal and perhaps turned her onto the personal self development of the athlete.
  • Watching Nadia Comaneci in the 1976 Olympics and how this became the seed of her olympic dreams.
  • Walking next to Shaq and coming up to his waist at the opening ceremony to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta as a field hockey player.
  • Her powerful perspective on reframing failure, and how failure is only when you do not learn from your mistakes.
  • How we need everyone to lead from their best self which happens when we are right with ourselves.
  • The 2 words we need to take out of our vocabulary: perfect and failure.

About Dr. Wieland:

Dr. Andrea Wieland, a psychologist and performance coach was recently the Associate AD/Director of Sports Performance for Penn Athletics where she oversaw the departments of Athletic Medicine, Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition, Mental Health and Performance for 1,000 athletes and 33 sports teams. She has 3 decades of experience consulting and coaching in the high performance space.  Former Head of Mental Conditioning at the world-renown IMG Academy, populations with whom Dr. Wieland has worked include Special Operations Forces, Elite and Professional Athletes, NFL Combine athletes, physicians, and CEO’s and their senior leadership teams.  A 1996 Olympian, and former Division 1 assistant Coach to several National and League Champions, Dr. Wieland specializes in developing leaders, teams and performers through an integrated 360- degree approach to assessment, education, intervention and evaluation.  Leveraging a “Team around the Team,” and holistic methodology, Andrea strives to help optimize others so that they can fulfill their greatest dreams.

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