14. Rewilding and Motherhood

Today’s episode, in honor of Mother’s Day, we explore the topic of raising the next generation of wild women.   How do we embrace these young wild wolf pups to preserve their inherently wild nature?   We discuss three authors who write about parenting: Carl Jung, William Martin, and Dr. Shefali in “The Awakened Parent”.

In this episode we discuss three themes:

  • Your children are not your own.  They just came through you and they are on their own path. They have the right to express their own spirt.   Can you love without control?
  •  Live you own life.  “The greatest burden a child must bear is the unlived life of its parents.”  When you do not live your life through your children, then they are free to find their own fulfillment.
  •  Do your own work and develop your own awareness.  Instead of fixing or controlling your children – work on yourself and get as clear as possible so you aren’t projecting your stuff onto them.

We talk about having brave and honest conversations with our daughters and helping them to live in the present moment.

  • Meet Sheila Davisson of Revival and our exciting collaboration of a line of gorgeous baubles for TEND HER WILD.


“The Parent’s Tao Te Ching”

“The Awakened Parent” Dr. Shefali

“The Conscious Parent” Dr. Shefali