15. Rebecca Ryan: Bring It On

As a futurist and Wild Woman, Rebecca Ryan helps people and communities connect to something bigger.  She shares her upbringing and the narrow box she grew up in as an adopted child.  She explains how she stepped out of the box by starting her own company 25 years ago.

Rebecca talks about her fascination with generational change and the desire to understand trends.   As a zen master, Rebecca sees the power and synergy of being in the present as you plan for a better future.

We discuss the feminine rising, and the need for more female leadership.  She shares her story of seeing Madeleine Albright as a mother figure and hearing Albright say “There is a special place in hell for women who do not support other women”.  Rebecca applied to the CIA, played professional basketball in Europe, and studied in Budapest and Germany.  We discuss the three big disruptions that need to be healed:  Disconnection from self, disconnection from others and the connection to the natural world.

Rebecca wakes up every day hell-bent on making the world better for future generations. She is a top 50 futurist, economist, best-selling author and keynote speaker. Rebecca empowers bold and ambitious futures for her clients as she walks them through foresight experiences that produce future-ready participants with a future-focused plan. Graduate of Drake University and the Strategic Foresight program from the University of Houston and member of the global Association of Professional Futurists.