16. Wisdom from Marianne

We had the honor to do a live podcast event with Marianne Williamson at the James theatre with around 100 women in attendance.  Marianne came on with a bang and gave us all so much to digest and reflect upon. We were so grateful for this opportunity to be in the midst of one of the great thought leaders of our time.

Here are some of the highlights:

-The point of wildness is to bring the divine feminine into the world for transformational purposes.
-Everyone’s life has a highly individualized curriculum.
-If you see a sister in deep effort to share her wildness and her divinity – the best she is with the world, help her.
-To be a real leader is to get into the system and disrupt it.
And one of our favorites……. Pray in the morning, kick ass in the afternoon.


Marianne is the author of 13 books including 4 New York Times best sellers.  You can find her work here:  https://marianne.com. and at substack https://mariannewilliamson.substack.com