17. Perspectives on Pain and Healing

In this week’s episode we talk honestly about the pain we all seem to be experiencing in some way.  Pain exists for both the individual and the collective after this difficult period in our history.  We share our thoughts on healing our nervous systems, and the weight of current issues like school shootings that have certainly added to that heaviness.   We talk about all the numbing activities and how we are so damn afraid to feel.
Our world and our country are breaking open and there seems to be a collective rising. More and more people are on the path of awakening.  When one of us heals we actually heal the whole.  How do we do heal?  You don’t need to know where to start, you just need to make the internal commitment to yourself that you are ready to heal  your pain.  The universe will show you the path you need and all the wisdom we need is inside of us.
Advocacy for Gun Safety https://momsdemandaction.org
Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser