20. Balancing Our Personal Masculine & Feminine Energies

In today’s episode, we talk about the divine feminine and masculine energies and finding a balance between them.  Several themes emerged from this discussion:
  • The difficulty in calling these energies masculine and feminine, as it automatically attaches them to gender which is not actually the case.  Other ways to describe these energies include light/dark, night/day, sun/moon, receptive/active, yin/yang.  In the end, we continue to use the descriptors masculine and feminine as this is how they are often described, even though we acknowledge the limitations of this.  
  • The feminine energy is being receptive, nurturing, gentle, intuitive, wild and natural.  
  • The masculine is about being focused, goal oriented, disciplined, productive and active.  It is critical that we find a balance between these energies if we want to experience a greater sense of harmony and fulfillment.  
  • We talk about our individual healing experiences in the past few months.  For Kate, she has been healing her inner feminine, and for Betsy her work has been healing her inner masculine.
  • We discuss feminine leadership and how the patriarchy negatively impacts everyone, including men, and how important it is to hold space for men to be vulnerable and tap into their feminine energy.  
Book – “Why Does Patriarchy Persist” by Carol Gilligan.