21. Living In the Threshold

Today’s episode all about dualities.  We discuss a recent poem by Cleo Wade that illustrates this idea so beautifully.
“Here’s the thing – you are allowed to be a ball of contradictions.  Everything you are and everything you like does not have to make sense in relation to each other.  Life is less about being right, correct, and validated and more about being free, joyful, and curious in a world that asks you to see it in black and white – Do yourself the divine favor of experiencing it in color. “  – Cleo Wade
We discuss the fear of holding all of it and the tension of opposites.  When we are able to live in the threshold we have a fuller life.  As mothers we talk about instilling in our children there is no bad emotion or experience.  It is all part of life and gives us the opportunity to grow and expand.
We share stories of Kate’s grandmother Bernie and our friend Monica who embody this idea live in this space.  Being with people who are unafraid of themselves is a beautiful experience.
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