22. How to Connect to Self with Salisha Aya

In today’s episode we have our first return guest, Salisha Aya!  The first time we interviewed her, she created a deep impact with her story of childhood abuse transformed into deep healing and service.  Salisha wowed us again in this episode with her depth of sharing, the wisdom that flows through her, and advice to women on how to come home to self.

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So we interviewed Salisha about what her reclamation of self has looked like.

In this episode, Salisha talks about:

  • How distanced she was from her body, and how yoga was her first pathway in to more presence.  She also discusses alcoholism and how this was a deep disconnect from her body.
  • The importance of listening to the heart, and how she believes vulnerability is the way her heart begin to melt the walls she had built up around it.  She speaks to the power of women in group in vulnerability and how we all have essentially the same stories, fears, shames, and challenges.
  • How she was always intuitive, but that her intuitive instincts would often get confused with her history of trauma, so she could never be sure if her intuition was right or not.  She shares the formula of how she works with intuition now: get the intuitive hit, ACT ON IT, and see if you are right.
  • The power of connection and how we can begin to deduce whether our connections with others are life giving or toxic.


Salisha talks about yoga and bouncing as 2 things that really help us reclaim our body.

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To try shaking in the body, check out this 1 hour long Osho meditation video (the instructions are in the description of the video).  It essentially is 15 minutes of bouncing, 15 minutes of dancing, 15 minutes of meditation, and 15 minutes of savasana.

About Salisha Aya:

Salisha Aya, founder of Activate Your Alchemy, is a sacred leader who empowers women toward healing and embodiment of their divine sacred feminine. She cultivates her healing programs, weaving in shamanic and tribal wisdom traditions, ancient philosophy, movement medicine and creative, intuitive practices. Deeply committed to her own healing, Salisha connects to her divinity and spiritual expansion daily, and she remains a humble student of Mama Earth and sacred plant medicines. Salisha is the co-founder of Anahata Soul Center and publisher of  St. Kitts and Nevis Visitor Magazine,  and owner-operator of Conscious Kitchen, all headquartered on the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Kitts, where she lives with her two children and fiancé and business partner, Adam Rice. Salisha leads yoga for adults and children, wellness retreats, women’s circles, one-on-one life coaching programs and ceremonial rituals in a safe, conscious, and highly energetic space.
IG: @salisha.aya
More more info about her upcoming Goddess Alchemy Retreat:  Retreat Details