23. Returning to the Heart

In todays episode Betsy and Kate talk about the heart.  This topic connects with the TEND HER 2.0 program Kate and Betsy are currently offering. (For more info see the link below).
In this conversation, they cover:
1)  How the heart is the center of our energetic system, and how the heart according to this system is unbreakable.
2) How over the course of a lifetime, we all build walls around our heart.   Kate and Betsy discuss how walls and boundaries aren’t necessarily bad, but it’s important to understand them and why they exist.
3) Their own individual experiences when they were young that led to their hearts being shut down.  They also talk about their heart’s tendency (Kate’s is to be guarded and Betsy’s is to be too open and how both of these tendencies are imbalanced).
4) How the more open and connected we are with our hearts, the better we can receive love and connect with others.
5)  The correct way to hug….heart to heart!
6)  How when our heart and our head don’t fully agree, the tension of this can show up in our neck and throat.
To join the TEND HER program, visit: http://www.dryogamomma.com/tend-her-2
Heart Resources:
Heart Talk by Cleo Wade
Heart Minded by Sarah Blondin
Atlas of the Heart by Brene’ Brown
For more information on the Chakras:
Chakra Healing by Betsy Rippentrop