24. Returning to the Body

In today’s episode Betsy and Kate talk about the importance of being in the body and just how hard that can be.  This topic connects with TEND HER 2.0 program Kate and Betsy are currently offering.  (For more info see the link below).

In this conversation we cover:
1)When each of us disconnected with our own bodies in our early years.
2)How injury, trauma, and the culture around body image can cause women to disconnect to our bodies.
3)How only 11% of women report they are body positive, and out of the teenage girls asked, nearly 94% report body shame.
4)How it is somehow accepted in our culture that girls are going to struggle with their bodies.
5)How yoga can help you reconnect to your body and develop a kinder relationship with your body.
6)The challenges of pregnancy and the challenge of letting go of control.
7)How our bodies record everything that happens to us and how going into the body is the safest place that always tells the truth.
8)Ways to reconnect: meditation, yoga, breathe, and connecting to our 5 senses.
To join the TEND HER program, visit: http://www.dryogamomma.com/tend-her-2
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