25. Intuitive Earth Momma: Meet Monica Basile

In today’s episode we talk about intuition with Certified Professional Midwife, Reiki Master-Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, and visual artist (who designed this year’s beautiful Tend Her 2.0 journal cover), Monica Basile PhD.  The topic of intuition is a component of the current Tend Her 2.0 program that Kate and Betsy are offering (for more info see link below).

In this conversation we cover:
1) What intuition is, how we’ve been disconnected from it, and how to reconnect to it.
2) Monica’s early relationship with the natural world, her connection to earth energy, and how it directed her life choices and affects her work today.
3) Monica’s emergence as a nonconformist, artist, and feminist activist in her teenage years in Omaha,  and the importance of independence from societal standards.
4) The power of staying connected to one’s truth, even in seemingly difficult experiences and how it can help us to live a “tuned in” life.
5) Monica’s journey of birth work and her commitment to being present and holding space for birthing people.
6) Being able to place intuition and the feeling body over the mind, and the value it can bring during times of transition to allow the life you want to show up in its own time.
7) Ways to connect to and enhance intuition, such as: meditation, yoga, being in nature, space, five minutes of tea, trusting the timing, dreams, symbolism, messages from the subconscious — and somewhat surprisingly, rational thought.
8) The connecting thread of all intuition is coming back to curiosity and self trust.
9) Living in intuition and trusting it has a lot to do with the body and can be felt in the body.
10) Trusting the mystery while appreciating the importance of the intellect.

Find Monica at:
On Instagram @ravenandmagnolia (for Monica’s beautiful botanical art)

In this conversation, we talk about the books:
Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind – Shunryu Suzuki
The Politics of Women’s Spirituality – an anthology edited by Charlene Spretnak

And the song:
Let the Mystery Be by Iris Dement

For information on the current Tend Her 2.0 program and the upcoming Tend Her Urban Retreat Sept. 23-25, visit https://dryogamomma.com/work-with-betsy/courses/