26. The Power of Connection

In today’s episode we talk with creator, teacher and spiritual seeker, Fannie Hungerford on the importance of connection and the power of women coming together.  We can help liberate our own wildness through the power of community through connection.

In this episode we discuss:
1) Fannie’s unique Southern upbringing in an artistic household, her journey in theater, dance and eventually yoga.
2) Generational parenting and the changing roles of motherhood.
3) Motherhood and the roles mothers can play in helping us step into our power.
4) Lineage of the wild woman, how to propel it forward and inspire others to find their power.
5) Fannie’s education in yoga and her passion for the adaptogenic practice of yoga nidra (yogic sleep) and the benefits gained from the practice.
6) Giving ourselves permission to f*ck up
7) The importance of movement
8) Tapping into the fundamental wisdom of being human

Find Fannie at:
Instagram @fannie_hungerford

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