27. Connecting to our True Selves with Narrative Therapist, Andrea Wilson

This week we talk with Narrative Therapist, Andrea Wilson.  With nearly twenty years of working in writing, literature, and creative strategy Andrea was always driven by deep philosophical questions, searching for connections between our modern experience and the greater story of humanity.  Andrea reveals her wild self and connects her experience of writing, mental health and women’s truth to help us go deeper and listen to our own truths.

In this conversation we cover:
1) Living in the body
Living in action
Living in truth
Following our intuition
Living in wildness

2) Andrea’s upbringing enjoying the wilderness, bonding in nature with her family and the bond it created to eventually help come to terms with early trauma.

3) The way the body speaks truth and how we can respect the needs of our body as a compass on the path we’ve been given.

4) Generational trauma and the roles we play to secure safety through co-dependancy and other coping mechanisms.

5) Andrea’s life altering decision to walk away from everything and move to Argentina for a year to create someone different by listening to the body, listening to her truth and living in duality while creating a new wilder, inner self that is truly alive.

6 )Living in truth and the consequences of facing our personal truths.

7)  Living in action by feeling our way forward through lessons, both difficult and joyous, to help live our own life of wildness and be able to reach out and give freely of ourselves.

8) Andrea’s journey of connecting her path, her truths and her passion, trusting her intuition listening to her body and following inspiration from the universe to help others renew their hearts to truth through narrative therapy.

To work with Andrea or to book a free consultation go to: www.awritemind.com

Or e-mail: andrea@awritemind.com

On instagram: @theforeigncitizen

Find Andrea at our coning Urban Renewal Retreat Sept 23-25: https://dryogamomma.com/tend-her-2.0-urban-renewal-retreat/