28. Freedom in Truth with Kate and Betsy

This week Kate and Betsy discuss the importance of finding, knowing and trusting our truth.  They talk about why we disconnect form our truth, what gets in the way of us finding our truth and the power of reclaiming our truth in the face of fear by following our own path regardless of what we’ve been conditioned to believe.

Some truths about truth that are discussed:

-Facing difficult truths and potential consequences of not listening to those truths.
-Deconstructing untruths by listening to our bodies, listening to our intuition and facing old patterns to reveal our truth.
-Self trust and the belief in taking the next right step.  The small steps move you toward the big things.
-Making change at the individual level and doing our own individual work to co-exist in a different way.

Lastly they discuss our commitment to living our truth through quiet time, reflection, writing, meditation, listening to our inner voice, and listening to the body.

No-one else lives in your body or soul, no-one else knows what you need.  Be with yourself, trust your inner voice,…the less noise, the clearer your decision will be.

Urban Renewal Retreat
Iowa City, September 23-25

Anonymous quotes:
“Human life is a most difficult classroom until you learn the simple fact that your truth is your purpose, that, your power, your salvation, your fulfillment and your way.  Once you can truly believe that life becomes the joyous and abundant garden that it’s meant to be.”

“Remember that people love to the level of self love, communicate to their level of self awareness and behave to their level of healed trauma.”