In this week’s episode we talk with a woman that we consider the ultimate wild woman, Leslie Nolte. Leslie is a woman who invigorates and brings a new burst of energy that inspires all around her.

Leslie is a celebrated and seasoned visionary in the realm of performance arts and education.  Through many avenues she has enriched the arts community in which she lives.  Leslie is the founder of performance arts space, The James Theater, she is the producer and artistic director of many productions, an award winning choreographer, a business woman, an investor in theatrical productions, a business leader, and a teacher by trade and heart.  Under Leslie’s direction she founded a performing arts program, Nolte Academy with 25 instructors and over 1000 students.

In today’s episode we discuss:

* Leslie’s first ten years.  As the youngest of three and basically an only child by 7 years old Leslie became a classic latch key kid, something that taught her big lessons about family roles and an opportunity to let her creativity run wild.
* Leslie’s beginnings in dance at three years old, the community it provided and the opportunities her commitment opened up as she moved into her teen years.
*    How recurring injuries and a pregnancy moved Leslie away from dreams of professional dance to what she was truly meant to do, build what she needed, Nolte Dance Academy.
*    The history of Nolte Dance Academy and the support needed from family to maintain balance.
*    Do we really have choice in what happens to us in life or do we only have a choice in how we react to it?
*    Leslie’s new ICON Arts Academy, a boarding, performing arts high school in Iowa City that will welcome it’s first 150 boarding students September 1 2023.

We close the episode with navigating friendships in a world where we can’t have it all, creating harmony instead of attaining balance and the cost of being a visionary.

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