This week Kate and Betsy welcome our first male guest, Steve Shiva, transformational coach, founder of Notorious Hearts and leader in integrative men’s work.  Steve is currently based in Zurich, Switzerland but spent his first 22 years in England.  With three sisters and working parents that were both emotionally and often physically unavailable Steve learned to hide his deep emotions early leading to hyper-masculinity later in life.  Steve now works internationally to help uncover authentic masculinity, mature masculinity or often referred to divine masculinity.

Steve has inspired us and so many through his integrative work with both men and women.  In todays discussion we cover:

-Betsy’s first meeting with Steve and the similarities in the work they are doing
-What it’s like to be our first male guest
-Steve’s first ten years in a mostly female household, being raised in an emotionally unavailable culture in emotionally unavailable home and how this shaped the early ideas of the masculine and feminine
-The journey into hyper-masculinity
-Working with the father wound through heart led men’s work
-The importance of commitment and accountability in relationships
-Steve’s definition of the divine masculine
-The importance of being in the body and how many modern men are trained through society to disconnect from the body
-Ways that women can support men in the journey to mature masculinity

Steve has many international events coming up including tantra retreats in Zurich, a tantra festival in Ibiza, Spain, men’s retreats in Majorca, Spain as well as multiple online offerings.

Find out more at:

Instagram @notorious_hearts

Cum What May, a men’s online sexuality circle on Instagram @cum.what.may

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