38. Our Ten Year Old Selves

Today Kate and Betsy dive into a topic that they ask almost every single one of the TEND HER WILD guests, which are about those first ten years of life.  Kate and Betsy ask themselves what they wish they could have been told or would have known at ten years of age, how we begin to conform to a patriarchal system and how to find harmony between the masculine and feminine.

The episode explores:
-Kate and Betsy’s messages to their ten year old selves
-The point when we split from the feminine to be accepted, to do well, be successful
-Why we cut ourselves off from intuition
-The concept of “The Father’s Daughter”
-Betsy and Kate’s brief experiences of working for their fathers as young women

Our ultimate message to our ten year old selves, to our sisters and daughters?
Be you.  You are enough.  Stay with the feminine.  There is more to life than grades, than perfectionism and achievement, that part of life is also being present, being creative, trusting in the beauty and flow of life.  Stay open and curious.  Be ok in the mystery of life.

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