39. V Fixmer-Oraiz: The Power of Community

2022 candidate for Johnson County Supervisor
Election Day is Tuesday, November 8

“When we understand that our liberation is tied together, then we will make change.”

We are so pleased to welcome guest V Fixmer-Oraiz, AICP certified community environmental planner, and candidate for Johnson County Supervisor.

In today’s episode we discuss:
-V’s first 10 years being raised by young parents
-How V moved 30 times before the age of 16 as the child of a Navy Seal.
-How V identifies as trans, queer, non-binary, biracial and that they recognized early they didn’t fit into the mold of conformity in the patriarchal military structure.
-The journey of finding acceptance of themselves and the joy of seeing younger individuals have the freedom and language to explore and accept who they are outside of a gender binaried system
-How shedding the aspects of who we’re not can reveal our true right identity, and guidance for anyone in their own identity crisis
-The acceptance of being alone but being yourself and the high cost of living authentically
-The experience of being a legislated body, of having people vote on who you can marry, and what bathroom you can use
-How people of color are experiencing a different America and why professional services feel out of touch

****V is running for Johnson County Supervisor ****
-We discuss what a county supervisor is and what they do at the local level three policy, planning and action.
-We talk about V’s vision to create communities of care that genuinely care, and why lending a voice to those that don’t have a voice at the table is so important.

To learn more about V and their campaign go to:

V founded Astig Planning to fuse community organizing techniques with planning frameworks. As a company aligned with a vision toward equity and sustainability, their work has focused on regional planning and community engagement.

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