40. Anger: Channel the Fire

“There is an aspect that women need to master if you’re going to be a wild woman and that is dealing with what can only be called women’s rage.  The release of that rage is required. Once women remember the origins of their rage they feel they may never stop grinding their teeth.  Ironically, we also feel very anxious to disperse our rage for it feels distressing and anxious.  We wish to hurry up and do away with it.  But, repressing it will not work.”

—Clarissa Pinkola Estes in Women Who Run with the Wolves

In this episode we explore:

-How anger is often considered a “bad” emotion, but that it is truly useful information and can offer us energy to sort through the complexities of life

-How perfectionism and the need to be nice can repress anger early in life

-How Kate found anger and rage as young women in spaces (law, politics, human rights) where appropriate anger could be acknowledged and accepted

-How Betsy, whose training was to be good, nice and likable, held anger back until later in life

-How women often repress anger, which then can manifest in the body as depression, heart problems, digestive issues

-Heathy ways to express anger and how to figure out what message anger is trying to give us

A Finnish study that mapped emotions onto where they are felt in the body.



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May 20-27, 2023


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