41. Candida Maurer: Vibrant Explorer

Today we are excited to interview Dr Candida Maurer. Candida is a licensed psychologist specializing in mind-body medicine that integrates not only mind-body medicine but the spirit as well. She and her husband opened Eastwind spiritual center, the first integrative medicine center in the state of Iowa in 1997. Eastwind Healing Center became the largest center of its kind in the Midwest. When her husband Michael died in 2018 she ran the center by herself but realized it was time to change and grow in a new way. In 2019 Candida completed the certification in psychedelic research and therapy in California and is now employed by the department of psychiatry at the University of Iowa to be the lead therapist in the first psychedelic medicine research in Iowa.

In today’s episode we discuss:

-The first 15 years of Candida’s life, as the oldest of four children, being raised in an unhappy household, she was conditioned early in life to “try harder”
-At 13 her father died, her mother was mentally unhealthy and Candida took on a caregiver role during a difficult and chaotic time which helped develop resilience in her by 15 years.
-Candida’s life’s work to help people who are mentally ill, which is no coincidence
-As a lost child she experienced difficulties and how psychedelics changed Candida’s direction and opened her to the spiritual dimension
-Recognizing the multi-dimensional layers of reality and the power of spirituality
-Finding yoga and meditation in 1969 at 19 years old and how that profoundly changed her life
-How Candida met her husband Michael and what the union ultimately created
-Betsy and Candida’s friendship, similar paths and the union that helped build Betsy’s path
-Candida shares her next step developing a psychedelic medicine program at the University of Iowa and her broader view of why psychedelic medicine is happening right now.

Introduction to Psychedelics
Iowa City Public Library
Wednesday November 30 at 6:30 PM

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Find out more about Candida at: candidamaurer.com