43. Monica Basile: Wintering as a Practice

We are excited to have one of our dear friends and a wise human, Monica Basile, with us to talk about the important topic of wintering as we go into these colder months. Monica is a professional midwife, a Reiki master and teacher, a licensed massage therapist and a visual artist.  She has more than 25 years experience as a healer, midwife, educator and she’s passionate about helping people experience beauty, enchantment, connection to the Earth and inner peace through honoring the seasonal and cyclical transformations of nature.

“Wintering is an intentional relationship with the invitation of the Earth at this time of the year. The earth gives us an opportunity in winter to hibernate, to go a little bit inward and to reflect.  The Earth tells us we need time to take a pause and go dormant for a little while so that we can produce again.”

This is what we cover today about how to embrace the season of winter:

•Why tuning into liminal spaces and transitional times can help attune us to reality and give us the opportunity to change our perspectives.
•Monica’s story of her (and other’s) struggles and challenges with the winter season and ways to “winter” as a healing practice.
•Working with candlelight and Earthlight (fire, candles, natural light) as a practice.
•Finding aliveness in winter through awareness of nature by spending time outside.
•Writing letters, sending cards, as a way of reaching out to other people that is more quiet, it’s more reflective and invites this very special moment of quiet connection.

For more information about Monica:

Monica’s Wintering course, Tending the Light, begins December 16
Tending the Light
A sacred space for gentle guidance and community support, from Winter Solstice the Spring Equinox.