45. Self Compassion: The Secret Sauce of Life

In today’s episode Kate and Betsy talk about self compassion, a powerful topic that most women struggle with.  This may actually be the foundation of the Tend Her Wild podcast; two years ago the first Tend Her workshop was offered and the entire event was centered on self compassion.

“Self compassion is the secret sauce of life”
-Shauna Shapiro

Aspects of self compassion covered today include:
-How women are conditioned away from self compassion and toward having compassion towards everyone else, “the human giver syndrome’
-Battling our desire to go inward and toward self compassion in the traditional season of giving
-Science tells us that self compassion makes us happier
-What self compassion is and isn’t
-The pitfalls of the self-help industry
-The three components of self compassion
-Why compassion for self can be so difficult
-Allowing yourself to heal and the importance of reaching out to others
– “The amazing story of sister elephants”

Books mentioned in today’s episode:
Fierce Self Compassion by Kristin Neff

Guided meditation with Elizabeth Lesser: “Do no Harm, Take no Shit”

Tend Her Wild Costa Rica Retreat
May 20-27, 2023

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