46. Avianna Castro: Trust the Whisper

We are so excited and very honored this week to have guest Avianna Castro, intuitive transformational coach and meditation teacher, the founder of Avianna Castro LLC and Oneness Wellness.  Avianna’s passion is to assist others in recognizing and connecting to their own intuition, potential and purpose; guiding souls on remembering who they are at their core and envisioning a life that can now become a reality.  Over the last two years Avianna has had a complete transformation of her own releasing over 115 pounds and traveling to the jungles of Costa Rica diving deep into her own healing.


In today’s interview we discuss:

•Avianna’s example of how we can all return to our wild essence
•Avianna’s first 10 years awakening to and validating her intuitive potential
•The awakening to her own intuitive nature at three years old and how her parents saw and supported it
•A seizure at 8 that led to four years of numbing her intuition
•A revealing past life experience that opened a new path to understanding and healing
•The divine perfection of how our experience unfolds
•The whisper that led Avianna to her current fitness journey
•The profound call to be of service through her own health journey
•Finding awakening and transformation by honoring our connection to the body

“Never sacrifice your own healing for the benefit of others.”

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