47. Who Were You Before You Lost Your Wild Self? Reflections on a Year of Tend Her Wild

It has been full year that we’ve been co-creating the tend Her Wild podcast!

We’ve recorded nearly 50 podcasts, interviewed 19 women and one man; a diverse group from different backgrounds and talents.  We have seen the thread of their wild essence, their wisdom and their desire to be in connection with truth and authenticity.

Today we reflect on some of our favorite episodes, the threads that tie us together and some of the the lessons we’ve gained in the last year:

-Awakenings to personal truths and wisdom during recordings
-How the podcast has informed and guided our personal lives
-The magic of creating space
-Connection to our early years and the threads that connect us to our current experience
-Our personal reflections on some of our favorite episodes
-What the last year has meant to us in recording Tend Her Wild
-The gift of sisterhood
-The profound energy of support, accountability, truths, revelations, encouragements, commitments, healing and wisdom of our community


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Re-Wild with Kate and Betsy in Costa Rica May 20-27

Books mentioned this episode:
Heart Talk, Cleo Wade
Tiny Beautiful Things, Cheryl Strayed

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Revival, Iowa City
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