51. Dreams: Tap into the Power

In today’s episode of Tend Her Wild, hosts Betsy and Kate discuss the topic of dreams and their significance. Betsy has a talent of helping us uncover the deeper meaning of our dreams and does some dream analysis in this episode after she and Kate illuminate the nature and significance of dreaming.  Carl Jung calls dreams “The most important and most obvious results of unconscious psychic processes ”.

Essentially our subconscious mind is a huge part of us, how we see the world, and how we make decisions.  The challenge is that we can’t just tap into it any time we want because it is unconscious! However, the more we understand it, the more we understand ourselves.  Dreams are a direct link to your unconscious mind so it behooves us to pay attention to them!

They cover different aspects of dreams, including:
-Ways to connect to the unconscious mind through meditation, daydreaming, and free association
-The meaning behind our dreams
-How to remember your dreams
-The different types of dreams and what they mean
-What lucid dreaming is and how to access it

The hosts emphasize the two important topics that there are no “bad” dreams and everything in a dream is a reflection of oneself.

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