54. Kylie Patchett: Wild and F*cking Free

On today’s episode of Tend Her Wild, we are thrilled to welcome Kylie Patchett, a transformational coach, founder of Radiance Revolution, and host of the Wild and Finally Fucking Free podcast. Kylie joins us all the way from country Queensland, Australia to share her wisdom and experience in guiding women through the right of passage that is peri-menopause. Through her coaching, Kylie helps women rewrite old stories, reclaim their desires, and love themselves back to life, creating what she calls their “midlife metamorphosis.” In this episode, we explore Kylie’s journey and how her childhood trauma led her to her life’s work, the power of sitting with wise women, and the alchemy of turning pain into power during menopause.
Key Points covered in this episode:
   •    The creation of the Wild and Finally Fucking Free podcast and parallels to Tend Her Wild
   •    Kylie’s childhood experience as the daughter of an alcoholic and mentally ill mother and how it shaped her caregiving role early on
   •    Working with a narrative psychologist to unravel her childhood trauma and finding freedom in seeing outside of her stories
   •    The power of sitting with wise women and the wisdom taken from that experience
   •    How we can alchemize our pain into power during menopause and use the heat of this transition to burn away old personas and egos
   •    The importance of a supportive multi-generational group as we move through menopause and the power of women supporting each other in the process
   •    The process of rewriting the narrative of how life “should be” based on the patriarchy
   •    Kylie’s favorite topics covered on her podcast, Wild and Finally Fucking Free, and her key advice for women going through peri-menopause
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