55. Boundaries & Self Sabotage

In today’s episode of Tend Her Wild Betsy and Kate have a conversation about self sabotage and boundaries. They talk about how they are related to our first 10 years and how they can help us understand how we can return to being a wild woman.

A big topic that is so essential, boundaries are hard for everyone but seem to be especially hard for women based on many factors not the least the culture we live in.  It effects us all and it’s something we all struggle with.

Some topics covered in today’s episode:

-How impactful yet difficult setting boundaries can be.

-How boundaries relate to the wild woman, the woman who’s turned to her natural essence.

-Why the midlife awakening pushes us to shed old layers and lead us to set new boundaries.

-Why saying “no” is a way of healing.  When we say no, we let go of needing validation, praise and people pleasing, and can remind ourselves of our inherent worthiness rather than a manufactured worthiness.

-Recognizing self sabotage and managing rejection.

Our champion today is

Dr Shefali, author of A Radical Awakening




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