59. Part II with Shannon Algeo: Follow Your Heart and Not Your Smart Phone

In this episode, we continue our spirited conversation with Shannon Algeo, a celebrated speaker, writer, life coach, yoga Nidra, and meditation teacher.

We discuss:

-Shannon’s exhilarating first time interviewing Deepak Chopra and his insight about spending time with “famous” people

– How his intuitive knowing and feeling in his body led him to the truth of his relationship even though it made no logical sense

-Shannon’s new research and exploration of how to manage our collective addiction to technology and how he went 40+ days without using his smart phone

Bio: Shannon Algeo  has been named one of the “35 under 35” wellness professionals to watch by Wanderlust. He is a celebrated speaker, writer, life coach, yoga Nidra, and meditation teacher. His popular podcast, Soul Feed, features interviews with iconic cultural and spiritual leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss, Maryanne Williamson, and our upcoming guest, Trace Stanley. In his coaching practice, Shannon works with clients to overcome old patterns of trauma so that they can show up in the world with power, presence, and purpose. We love that Shannon was rated one of the nicest instructors in New York City by Rate Your Burn for his work as a yoga and meditation teacher. In his new book, Trust Your Truth, Shannon invites you on a profound journey to heal self-doubt, awaken your soul’s purpose, and live the badass life you are meant to live.

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