66. Therapy Anyone?

In today’s conversation Betsy and Kate talk about the power of therapy and share their own experiences using it as a resource to heal and clean out inner barriers.

Today we discuss:

-The historical stigma of mental health, therapy, psychology and how we are experiencing a shift from viewing mental health as a sign of weakness to a sign of strength and courage.
-The hard work of therapy and how numbing out and avoidance can keep us from going deeper
-The acceptance and normalization in younger generations of the need for mental health support
-The staggering statistics and impacts of the pandemic on mental health  
-How the DNA of our ancestors effect us today and how our individual work can help heal generational trauma
-The positive side of experiencing different therapists and knowing when short term or long term therapy is needed
-Why finding the right fit with a therapist is so important
-The differences between therapy and coaching and when each is beneficial to help manifest your goals

Mentioned today:
Michael Singer Podcast: Taking Care of Your Inner Environment

Therapy in entertainment:
Ted Lasso (TV)
Shrinking (TV)
Stutz (Jonah Hill documentary)

Therapy Resources:

Coaching Vs Therapy articles:

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