74. The Power and Complexity of Female Friendships

On today’s episode we discuss female friendships and how they are both amazing and complicated.

Today we discuss:

  • Betsy and Kate’s friendship journey and how they maintain balance and honesty (spoiler alert, it’s all about communication!)
  • The differences between men’s friendships and female friendships, and how male friendships are less fragile
  • Is our capacity to trust and open to our our female friendships effected by the relationship we had with our mother?
  • The art of discernment in friendships and how you don’t need permission to say this isn’t healthy or to gently part ways
  • When we outgrow relationships and crave more authenticity and depth in our connections

Today Kate champions and honors Anne, Kate’s long-term friend that has been navigating a family illness with grace.

Today Betsy champions some of her newest friends, Kelly, Lark and Janet, and the depth of connection they forged in a relatively short period of time.

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