75. Alyx Coble-Frakes: A Renegade Entrepreneur Educating the World About Menstruation

In this episode of Tend Her Wild, hosts Betsy and Kate speak with Alyx, a passionate social entrepreneur who is bravely changing how women (AND men) think about menstruation.  Alyx’s journey led her to create the Agenda Period app, promoting cyclical awareness and body literacy while challenging societal expectations around menstruation.  This is an energizing and vibrant conversation that we LOVED!

Today we discuss:

-Alyx’s first ten years that include the trauma of getting her period early and not being educated about what to do about it .

-How a seed was planted at the age of 26 when she learned about cycle syncing.

-Her deep connection to intuition (especially during ovulation), and how a moment during meditation led her to the development of her business.

-Her creation – the Agenda Period app, which was the first app to help women sync their work and life tasks with their menstrual cycles.

-The 4 phases of women’s cycles, and the things we should do (and not do) at each phase.

-Why it’s important for men to have cyclical awareness, which led to her new book “Manstration”.

-Her passion in creating body literacy curriculum, not sex ed, and how she is rolling this out in Texas.


Alyx Cable-Frakes is a passionate social entrepreneur with 10 years experience in business and eight years experience in health and wellness.  When she returned from the Peace Corp in 2015 she felt out of touch with her own health so she began a path of healing.  This led to the launch of a health coaching company and subsequently “The Agenda” app.  She recently authored a book called “Manstration” which opens up conversations around periods with men.

Mentioned today:

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear  –    Elizabeth Gilbert


Learn more about Alyx’s Work:


Manstruation: A Field Guide to Not Sucking When Someone Around You Has Their Period (and how you can be supportive in every other phase as well)

-Alyx Coble-Frakes


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheAgendaPeriod

Instagram: theagendaperiod


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