86. Bree Allen: I Fell In Love with Ireland

Today’s episode was recorded in Cork, Ireland during a yoga retreat at Ballymaloe House that Betsy taught (and Kate attended)!  Ballmaloe House is a family owned country house, hotel and restaurant nestled in the lush countryside of East Cork.  While the beauty, food, and ambience were astounding, what struck us most were the stories of the Irish women who helped envision, build, and sustain this award winning family business.
We took a rainy afternoon to sit down with Bree Allen, who married into the Allen family that owns Ballymaloe.  Bree was our main point person during the retreat, and we loved her energy, positivity, and the stories she shared about Ballymaloe.
In this episode we discuss:
  • Bree’s upbringing in Australia, and what happened at the age of 26 when she decided to backpack through Europe and landed a job at Ballymaloe.
  • Bree’s nontraditional and powerful perspective on love, marriage, and commitment.
  • The many generations of the Allen family that continue to support the Ballymaloe business, and whether they actually all get along!
  • The matriarch of the Ballymaloe House, Myrtle Allen, and how ahead of her time she actually was when she decided to open a farm to table restaurant in the 1960’s.
  • The many layers of powerful, ambitious, entrepreneurial women (some who have married into the Allen family) and how they are supported and encouraged.
  • COLD SWIMMING!  Why Bree swims in the cold sea several times a week!
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