92. LaDonna Phillips: A Journey of Resilience

Today we are so happy for the opportunity to talk with LaDonna Phillips, a single mother who shares her journey of resilience and the challenges she has overcome.

Today we discuss:

  • A confusing childhood being raised by a loving mother and by a foster care system that failed her in many ways.
  • How LaDonna found the ability to pull out the positive from the negative situations she found herself in, something she learned from family.
  • LaDonna’s journey of becoming a single mother at a young age and the challenges she faced raising her daughter, our previous guest, Dasia Taylor.
  • The lineage of strong women that LaDonna comes from and her first hand account of how it “takes a village” to raise a child.
  • The support of LaDonna’s father and his fostering of independence that helped her dig deep to find internal resources and move into self reliance, resulting in leaving her hometown of Chicago.
  • What it has been like to help support and protect her daughter Dasia, who quickly rose to notoriety after receiving multiple science awards and a spot on the Ellen Show.
  • LaDonna’s deep desire to continue to”be a better me” and help to give chances to people that lack opportunity.

LaDonna Phillips is a remarkable force of determination, resilience and ambition. As a successful single mother and visionary entrepreneur she has been rewriting the narrative of what’s possible for mothers everywhere. From humble beginnings to entrepreneurial heights, LaDonna’s journey began on the west side of Chicago where she embraced the challenge of single motherhood with unwavering strength. Motivated by her daughter’s future she embarked on a mission to build a life purpose. She believes in continuous self improvement and is dedicated to being a lifelong learner. Through her story she inspires countless individuals to believe that with passion, perseverance and a strong support system they can overcome any obstacle and achieve their goals.

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