99. Cate Stillman: The Witch’s Cancer Journal

Today we are thrilled to introduce Cate Stillman, a thought leader and true
wild woman who has been prolific in her reach for over 2 decades about
primal habits and Ayurvedic healing. In today’s episode we talk about her
new book “The Witch’s Cancer Journal” which chronicles her relationship to
cancer and the her wild healing journey.
Today we discuss:
• How Cate was born jaundice and spent her first days of life alone in an
incubator, which she now understands as traumatic and the root of
many of her unexplained health issues as a child.
• Her early life experience as a child where nothing made sense except
when she was in the woods with her grandmother.
• The evolution of Cate’s journey to Ayurvedic medicine and living in
Earth’s cycles.
• The arrival of the wounded healer archetype in Cate’s life when she
found out she had cancer, and all the complicated feelings that arose.
• Cate’s cancer journey that has been outside of the box because she
made a choice to follow her intuition rather than the opinions of outside
• The power of finding vulnerability in the sisterhood, balancing drive and
softness, and the emotional body of the feminine.
• Cate’s journey back to the hospital in Manhattan where she was born,
and the healing ritual she went through to help her reconnect and then
release the birth trauma she experienced.

Cate is a thought leader, an entrepreneur, a healer and an influencer. She
has written five books, and has guided a global online tribe into thriving in
body, family and community through innovative yoga and Ayurvedic
teachings since 2001. She is prolific in her reach, and is a leader in
constant evolution.
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