109. Revisiting Episode 67: Wild Like No One Else: An Interview in Costa Rica with Kimberly Arjes-Jaeger

This week we are re-releasing an old episode because we are all (including our guest Kimberly) on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica with 25 women. We love listening to this conversation again with one of our favorite truly wild woman!

And…we did record an episode this week on retreat with a MAN! We cannot wait to have you hear this in a few weeks – he has been on lots of podcasts and told us at the end this might have been his favorite podcast he’s ever done! So stay tuned!

Pura Vida!

Today, we talk to Kimberly Jaeger-Arjes while in Costa Rica on a yoga retreat.  We had no idea this interview was going to happen until the morning of recording.  Kimberly is  Betsy’s assistant and an integral part of her retreats.  Kate and Betsy were having their morning plan session with Kimberly, and Kimberly casually mentioned she never felt like she had ever left her wild spirit.

Kate and Betsy looked at each other, nodded, and simultaneously knew we needed to interview Kimberly to talk about this.  This interview is recorded in Betsy’s hotel room looking out at the jungle.  After the interview, a pack of wild monkeys swung through the trees that we got on video.

Kimberly is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, gardener, and a lover in social & environmental activism. She leads a yoga influenced, playful and mindful movement practice and strives to create inclusive spaces for people to feel belonging. She is part of a Trauma Support Team with Challenge to Change, teaching a yoga practice at Heartland Yoga and at Coco’s Ranch.

You can follow Kimberly on instagram @kimiinthewoods
Play & Move with Kimberly


NOTE: If sexual assault and suicide triggers you, skip this episode.  If hearing about how to triumph over experiences like this, listen.

In today’s podcast we cover:

  • Kimberly’s unique mother who taught her early on about what it meant to be colorful and non-conforming.
  • How Kimberly always knew she was different, and at times wanted to fit in, but also knew the box wasn’t for her.
  • When Kimberly’s wild spirit was broken, and how she had to build it back over a period of years.
  • The importance of yoga and returning to her body that returned Kimberly to her wild nature.
  • How Kimberly strongly believes in the power of connections, social justice, and loving those who are also struggling with belonging.
  • Kimberly’s advice about how to live as a wild woman.

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline:  https://988lifeline.org

National Sexual Violence Resource Center: https://www.nsvrc.org

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