111. Rod Stryker : Your Soul’s Purpose

This episode was recorded at Blue Spirit in Nosara, Costa Rica while on retreat.  We were lucky to share the retreat center that week with world renowned yoga teacher Rod Stryker.  We had a chance to sit down together for an hour to talk about yoga, meditation, the Divine Feminine, and Rod’s journey.   Rod will be in Iowa City with us this fall for a yoga workshop so we’re excited to introduce him to our community.


Today we discuss:

  • Rod’s early years and seminal things that happened including his first word, his father leaving at the age of 2, and finding a book of yoga postures at age 5 that captivated him.
  • What it means to reclaim our feminine regardless of gender or biology to bring back more of the mothering feminine after thousands of years of repressing the healthy feminine.
  • How are patriarchal society represses the feminine and how Rod tended toward caretaking and the feminine in the absence of his father.
  • How to balance masculine and feminine energy when our souls are not gender based.
  • Rod’s healing work to support people during this lifetime to find the sacred ground of one’s own being.
  • Various ways we can move into the unconscious that are timeless and help us interact with the world.
  • How the hardest yoga pose is change, but if you want growth it’s the only choice.
  • How there are really only two types of yoga, holistic and non-holistic.
  • Rod’s book The Four Desires helps us uncover our soul’s purpose and how the seed of every thought is a desire.
  • The art of learning how to die well and the practice of learning to die a little each day, so that we are better prepared to let go.


Rod Stryker is an author, teacher and speaker.  A world-renowned meditation teacher and yoga educator, he is the founder of ParaYoga, the author of two books The Four Desires and the soon to be released Enlightened Sleep.  He developed one of the most comprehensive online yoga programs in the world. Rod has spent nearly 40 years sharing his study, knowledge, and experience.  He has mentored hundreds of teachers and thousands of students worldwide.  Rod is known for his ability to translate ancient wisdom and make life-changing practices accessible to modern audiences.  He is father to four amazing souls and currently lives in Idaho.

Mentioned today:

November 9-10th Iowa City Yoga Event with Rod Stryker


The Bhagavad Ghita

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