33. Anxiety: Surrender With Gratitude

This week we discuss the anxiety  many of us feel in the transition from summer to fall.  Fall is an obvious time of change, a season of endings that can create some anxiety and today we talk about some of the challenges we might face in autumn and some ways to face it with more ease.

Highlights from today’s episode include:
-Discussion on the ancient tradition of Ayurveda and how the dry, windy season of fall is considered Vatta and tools to create more balance
-Why we might feel more fear and anxiety in autumn
-The importance of awareness and how embracing change can help us as we move into the dark days of fall and winter
-The power of connecting to the Earth and the natural rhythms of nature
-Lifestyle habits that align with the season and help bring more balance
-Tools for combating anxiety
-The three mental states that hold us back

Autumn can create a feeling of instability and anxiety for many of us.  Ultimately we want to honor these feelings and gaze in to combat anxiety and bring balance to our life.

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