62. The Rising Feminine: Teamwork through the Lens of Iowa Women’s Basketball

Women’s athletics have been a part of Kate’s life since early on, whereas Betsy grew up involved in music and has never been drawn much to competitive sports.  However, both were drawn into the magic of Iowa women’s basketball superstar, Caitlin Clark and the experience created by the entire Iowa women’s team.

In this episode we discuss:

–    Why this was such a phenomenal experience for our state and the nation

–    The feminine rising and the power of women

–    The magnificent rise of Caitlin Clark (National Player of the Year) and the power of cooperation that led to success, excitement and national recognition this year

–    The power of visualization at the start of the season

–    Why the buzz around women’s basketball at this time in history?

–    The excitement of women being lifted up regardless of presentation

–    Trash talk!

–    How the media looked to sow division and highlight drama

Who we champion:

This week Betsy and Kate champion an amazing group of people that have given us all so much joy and inspiration: the entire Iowa Women’s Basketball team, Caitlin Clark, all of the coaches and everyone involved in the power of this year’s season.

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