78. Dr. Christina Figge-Morrison: Reconnecting with the Inner Light

In this episode we talk with a Danish doctor about her re-wilding, why she was drawn to our podcast, and how women across the globe are feeling this pull to move toward more authenticity.

Today we discuss: 
  • Christina’s carefree and happy childhood as an only child, and when she believe she lost her inner wild during transition to school and the emergence of perfectionism.
  • The deep impact of a trauma as a teen that created a deep scar, leading to a mistrust of inner judgment that fed into more perfectionism and control.
  • Rewilding through travel and the door that opened through Christina’s foreign exchange experience.
  • The cross-cultural nature of re-wilding and how women around the planet are looking to get out of the box of perfectionism and into authenticity.
  • A writing exercise that inspired a new way to live and introduced the challenge of how to get there.
  • Christina’s career shift towards mental health and hypnotherapy



Christina is a Danish medical doctor on a journey of integrating knowledge from modern medicine with understanding of the subconscious mind to help rewire old limiting beliefs and resolve root cause issues. Passionate about empowering women to reconnect their inner light and live intentional and authentic lives, she is on a journey to using hypnosis as a clinical tool. She enjoys life with her Iowa-born husband and their two little active boys in Denmark. A sunset enthusiast and admirer of the forest, field, and fjord, she daily explores walks and cargo bike rides with her family. Christina is also a recovering perfectionist.

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