91. Finding Calm in a Divisive World

In our conversation today we discus the important benefits of finding calm in a divisive world.  The intensity of today’s world where there is so much pain and suffering can be overwhelming.  How can we be aware of it, witness it, and move through it without absorbing it?

Today we discuss:

  • The challenges we face in today’s world can seem particularly heavy, and how to acknowledge the pain and still protect ourselves enough to show up for our life.
  • How current events effect us and the importance of honoring personal choice around what and how we digest the world.
  • The interconnectivity of all of life, and why keeping your own nervous system regulated may just improve the world around you.
  • The power of social engagement to help us feel safe and connected.
  • The tools we personally use to find calm in our lives.
  • Whatever you are holding inside yourself will spill out when the hard times comes.

Quoted today:

“Read not the times, read the eternities”

—Henry David Thoreau, Life Without Principle

“You could make this place beautiful”

—Maggie Smith

Mentioned today:

Dr Stephen Porges (The Polyvagal Theory)

Dr Wayne Dyer

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