93. Resilience Stories: Betsy & Kate’s Vulnerable Shares

In our conversation today we dive into the deep topic of resilience.  Our newest online program, Tend Her 3.0,  is all about resilience.  You can still join this program for free (all the info below).  Today we come raw and real, talking about things we haven’t yet publicly shared about the twists and turns of our own resilience stories.

Today we discuss:

  • What resilience is and isn’t.
  • How we strengthen the resiliency muscle by learning to feel all of it.
  • How our resilience stories are best shared from our “scars” vs our “open wounds”.
  • Kate shares challenges with her health growing up and infertility as an adult that created one of her resilience stories.
  • Betsy shares an early traumatic experience that was repressed until the middle of the pandemic when it came to the surface.  She talks about her journey of integration and the deep resilience this has created within her.
  • Encouragement to consider your resilience story.


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