100. The Upper Limit: Living in Your Full Potential

How much goodness am I willing to allow in my life? The universe had
been hinting that we should cover the topic of tapping into our full potential
and the things that could possibly be holding us back. Today we cover the
idea that we all have so much more in us than we imagine and have such a
deep capacity to feel good but because we have a limited tolerance for
feeling good we subconsciously sabotage those good feelings.
Today we discuss:
• Our inspirations from the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks
• The core question is “how much goodness am I willing to allow in my life
and what is getting in the way of the endless flow of abundance
• In The Big Leap there are four reasons discussed as to why we
sabotage ourselves
• Betsy discusses her experience with the first concept of “feeling
fundamentally flawed”
• How the lessons the subconscious carries can override the system and
tell us that we are fundamentally flawed
• Kate covers the second idea that breaking some kind of commitment
can create feelings of disloyalty and abandonment and why loyalty
became an important concept in her family
• Kate discusses the third point of why we might believe that more
success will bring a bigger burden to those around us
• The fourth idea of the crime of outshining others, of not showing your own genius,
of turning down the volume your own potential to avoid others feeling threatened
of showing distress in your full capacity to deflate the fullness is discussed by Betsy
• The ways in which we sabotage ourselves and how we can find
ourselves in the space of intuition of being in full potential, of being the
wild woman• The zone of genius and being in full potential is where we can fully use
our gifts
• Getting unstuck, expanding your edges, resetting your thermostat and
finding your upper limits
Learn more:
Hendricks Institute
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