70. Women in Leadership

In today’s conversation Betsy and Kate talk about women’s leadership.  Although we have talked about this in passing in many episodes, we dive into it in depth today following an event that happened in the past week.  Kate received a community leadership award, and a group of women came to support her.  This sparked discussion amongst this group about how all women are leaders and have the power to change systems.

Today we discuss:

  • The traits of feminine leadership – compassion, empathy, collaboration, emotional intelligence and relationship building.
  • How Kate worked her way up the corporate ladder, requiring her to lean into masculine traits like ambition, drive, and strength. However, once she became CEO during the Covid crisis she felt she could show up authentically and lean into more feminine traits.
  • How feminine leadership is not leading like a man in a dress.
  • A Forbes article that reports women hold only 26% of c-suite jobs and that the pay gap for women is still 86 cents on the dollar compared to men and 68 cents for black women.
  • The great resignation and how women are leaving the workforce in droves, and reasons for this.
  • Will we ever see a woman be elected President?
  • The shadow side of jealousy and mistrust amongst women, and why this must be overcome.


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