95. Live Resilience Summit: 4 Brave Women’s Stories

This week we share a live podcast recording (on November 17, 2023) from the Resilience Summit that happened at local event center, Little Lights on the Lane.  This day-long event that 150 women attended came at the end of a month long free online course on resilience called Tend Her 3.0.  Over 1100 women registered for the course. This free online course is still available to anyone who wants to take it.  All the info for how to join can be found below.

In this live podcast we discuss:

  • The definition of resilience, how resilience is not inborn, and how resilience develops through life’s challenges
  • The three ways to build resilience
  • Resilience stories from 4 brave participants of the Tend Her 3.0 course that volunteered to share their resilience story
  • Erin shares how she developed mental resilience in the creation and manifestation of Little Lights on the Lane (the event center she created where this event took place), the idea of hygge that is a part of everything she does, and her inner trust and intuition that strengthened her to put her foot down and say no when the project wasn’t going in the way she envisioned it.
  • Sarah shares her story of emotional resilience that came from grief and loss following the loss of her life partner, the complication of saying yes to a new partner that helped her grieve her first partner, and the loss of her second partner as well.
  • Jane shares her story of physical resilience following 2 concussions over the course of several years, the silent suffering that concussions bring because you “look the same”, and how her “inner fury” helped save her life and propel her to safety and healing during both of this traumatic events.
  • Jessica shares her story of relationship resilience when she realized her marriage was not giving her what she needed, her bravery to speak her truth, what letting go has meant, and how faith has supported her every step of the way.

Mentioned Today:

Mental Health Disability Services of Iowa

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