107. Jocelyn Davis: Insubordinate

We are excited to have a conversation today with internationally known author and speaker Jocelyn Davis.  Jocelyn has many business books including The Art of Quiet Influence and has written a historical novel, The Age of Kali.  Today we are excited to talk about her most recent book, Insubordinate, 12 New Archetypes for Women Who Lead.

Today we discuss:

  • Jocelyn’s early experiences living around the world within a foreign service family and how it developed her natural curiosity and ability to be adaptable.
  • The unique blend of myth, archetype and business leadership and how they impacted her life and her most recent book.
  • How after 25 years in the R&D industry,  a shake up presented an opportunity to meld her business experience with her international exposure to literature, tradition, history, and philosophy.
  • Being booted for being insubordinate…. Officially!  What she learned from that experience and how it led to the title of her most recent book.
  • The layout of Insubordinate, the twelve archetypes and while women have a  “home archetype”, they can actually have access to and appreciate the beauty of all of the archetypes.
  • Navigating competition among women and a discussion of “power-dead equal”.
  • The ambitious woman trap and why we see powerful women as unlikeable.
  • Betsy, Kate and Jocelyn’s home archetypes and archetypes they’d like to more fully develop into.


Jocelyn Davis is an internationally known author and speaker and the former head of R&D for a global leadership development consultancy.  Jocelyn holds masters degrees in philosophy and eastern classics, she loves bringing ancient stories and wisdom from many cultures to bear on modern practical issues.

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Jocelyn Davis

Books mentioned today: 

Insubordinate: 12 New Archetypes for Women Who Lead

The Age of Kali

Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

Hardball for Women: Winning at the Game of Business

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