108. Angie Chaplin: Mindful Sober Leader

Today, we are excited to have Angie Chaplin with us. Angie is an internationally renowned speaker, consultant and educator specializing in leadership and organizational development. Her openness about her journey through mental and behavioral health epitomizes her values of integrity, curiosity, clarity connection and love.
Today we discuss:
•A natural craving for knowledge as a kid, that led Angie to become an early reader who learned about life through other people’s stories.
•Angie’s multiple rock bottoms that showed her something was misaligned in her life.
•Her path to sobriety and the doctor who looked her in the eyes and challenged her to choose life.
•How Angie’s graduate work on values was a bedrock of her healing, and continues to be the basis from which she lives her life.
•Her non-profit Brave Leadership that is designed to be a leadership education provider to the non-profit workforce. Its mission is to unlock potential within non-profit leaders in the mental and behavioral health fields.
Angie is the founder of Mindful Leadership, a distinguished personal and organizational leadership development firm that leverages her nearly 30 years of expertise in communications, human resources, and organizational development. As an internationally recognized Certified Master for The Leadership Challenge, Angie has dedicated her career to nurturing and enhancing leadership qualities in individuals and organizations alike. Her contributions to the field include authoring sections of the Leadership Challenge Workbook Facilitators Guide and the Leadership Challenge Activities Book. Angie’s commitment to leadership education shines through her efforts to inspire empower individuals to design and lead exemplary lives, rooted in authenticity and passion.

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The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations
StrengthsFinder 2.0

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