104. The Current Extremes of Light and Dark: Finding Our Way Back to Balance

In today’s episode we’ll be circling back to a topic we’ve previously touched on but want to approach again from a slightly different perspective.  In a world where contrasts are more and more obvious we discuss the necessary balance of our masculine and feminine energies

Today we discuss:

  • We are in a place of great extreme with both progress and setback.
  • The feminine energy is rising and we can see female empowerment in many arenas including sports (women’s basketball), music, the big screen, and political support in certain areas of the world for women’s rights.
  • But there seems to be equal setbacks for women around the world as well.
  • We explore the ancient concept of yin-yang which is a healthy balance of opposites that are equal.  Our world has placed the masculine energy above the feminine instead of allowing them to be on the same level which is the root of the imbalance we see everywhere.
  • Because there is so much hyper-masculinity in our current culture we are seeing hyper-femininity (i.e, rage and chaos) as an attempt to bring things into balance.
  • There is an axiom, as within so without, meaning that our responsibility is to balancing our inner masculine and feminine, which than impacts the outer world around us.
  • How we need more emotional intelligence and interconnectivity because we cannot solve our current world problems with the same masculine mindset that created them.

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